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How do I find people

on July 31, 2012

I have few friends asking me if it is possible to find people online? They would like to check if they can find their old friends, old schoolmate or old sweethearts. Somehow in the age of technology finding people is easier than ten years ago.

Now the question is how can i find people or how do i find people?

There are a number of sites in the Internet that can be use as a medium or a tool to help you find people. Let us list down some of these sites to make you start doing the search 🙂

Facebook You can search by Person’s name or email address. School name and class year or otherwise, company name can also be use as the search. Not mentioning by the way it is the largest online social networks. This might be the great first place to start.

Kgbpeople It is a people search engine worldwide, that search different profiles from wide variation such as from Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Linkedln, Blogger, Digg, Foursqure and more. Although I find the site very slow from retreiving the results.

Of course Google, I guess almost all of us gone on searching using Google. Search for the person using their name. Example “Michael Phelps”

Hope you find this useful. Let me know if you have other in mind 🙂


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