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Nadia Comaneci – The Perfect 10

on July 31, 2012

Nadia Comaneci is a famous Romanian gymnast who scored a perfect 10 in Olympics history.

Comaneci was only 14 in 1976 when she earned an unprecedented perfect 10 in the Montreal Olympic games. Based on the story, and yes, I was still a kid when she scored 10 from the Olympics 🙂
Due to technically reason the score board posted a “1.0” instead of “10.0”. No one expected an athlete to reach such a perfect score. She was then coined as the Perfect 10 Queen.

Now she is aged 50. She is hoping gymnastics reverts to the old style of scoring and again give competitors a chance at the perfect 10 that she was made famous.

Gymnast today don’t have the option of earning a perfect 10 due to a change in the scoring system 6 years ago. However, Comaneci expressed at the 2012 London Olympics, that the International Gymnastics Federation should consider the old method again.


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