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Olympic Gold medal resale value

on August 20, 2012


The United States will pay 15,000 pounds ($25,000) to gold medallists while Australians will receive A$20,000 ($20,900), feature on an Australia stamp and get a flight upgrade home.

Russia, battling Britain to keep its third place in the gold medal table, has promised athletes 85,000 pounds ($135,000) for golds while there are reports Italy has offered 116,000 pounds ($182,000).

China, which is jostling with the United States for top of the gold medals tally, has not released details of financial incentives but the Chinese language Sports Weekly reported they were likely to hand gold winners $51,000.

Singaporean athletes are being offered one of the biggest incentives with an offer of 1 million Singapore dollars ($800,000) for a gold. Singapore has never won gold at the Olympics.

India has promised coaching jobs to athletes who win medals.

British athletes, however, will have to settle for national glory and their image on a stamp rather than cash.

British Olympic chiefs are of the view that financial rewards do not significantly impact the motivation of athletes to reach the podium and it is their desire to compete at the Olympics that is their main driving force.


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