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Gaving birth at nine years old?

on February 10, 2013

Personally devasted upon reading the news about a girl from Mexico giving birth to her baby girl at the age of 9.

The girl identified as Dafne gave birth on Jan. 27 to a 5.7 pounds baby girl. She was eight when was abused by a 17-year old teenager. Authorities are now hunting the father.

The mother didn’t report the case to state authorities because she didn’t think it was a crime, Aristegui Noticias reported.

When the mother and her daughter arrived at the hospital for the birth, doctors informed the woman that her daughter may have been a victim of sexual assault. It was only then that state authorities were notified.

The girl is one of 11 children living in the poverty stricken municipality of Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos, 25 miles south of Guadalajara, El Universal and the Associated Press reported.

Lino Ginzalez Corona, a spokesperson at the state prosecutors’ office, told the AP that the girl claims she and the teenage boy were in a loving relationship and she didn’t realize she was pregnant until the seventh month.

The boy ran away after the girl refused to move in with him.

Milenio said the baby girl was born on Jan. 27 in Zoquipan Hospital, weighing 5.7 pounds. The mother was given a C-section due to her age, Dr Enrique Rabago, director of the hospital, told a news conference on Wednesday.

Both girls were released from the hospital over the weekend and are in good health, Rabago said. The young mother received psychological counseling before and after the birth and both girls will continue to be monitored, Spanish news agency EFE reported.

The girl received a “subdermal implant” to avoid further pregnancies, the AFP said.

Dafne doesn’t appear to be the youngest mother in the world, but according to compiled reports she’s among them.

Young mothers face a host of physical and emotional risks. Girls who have babies before reaching full sexual development can encounter serious physical problems — for example, fistulas caused by obstructed labor — due to the inability of their bodies to bear the weight and size of an infant.


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