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HapSad – Combination of happiness and sadness (Half sad)

on January 19, 2017

Workplace – the environment where you work is vital to the well being of the employees.

Environment is not only about how elegant the building, how fancy the lift, or how tech the facilities. 

Environment is more than that, it is the people surrounding you, your co-workers, your manager, your colleagues or become friends in the office or very seldom colleagues whom become friends whether in or outside office.

The simple gesture of hi and hello in the morning while waiting for the coffee be brewed by the machine. Then, while taking the first sip, conversation strikes. Takes a minute, then turn to half an hour, until someone crack the joke of going back to the factory – going back to our desk…

Funny how days passed giving someone a nickname, then next month a different nick depending on the stories you told them like if you share something about Ice, the next thing you know you been known or calling you the Iceman!

Being comfortable and being used to these on daily basis, it is so hard to sink in that nothing is permanent in this world, and change is the only constant thing.

It’s a mixed emotion when someone’s close to you have to move, or decided to transfer to other department. It is a combination of sadness and happiness at the same time. Happy for them for their personal growth, but at the same time sad as things will not be the same as before. I called and I coined it as, HapSad (Half Sad)…

Then, again, it is hard to sink in that tomorrow you’ll arrive in the office with new unfamiliar faces. 

All the best mate!


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