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New found friend

One hour before the first “ber” months of year 2012. I was waiting for a jeepney to ride. It has been a long day and my feet is aching standing in front of fast moving public vehicles. Longing to have a ride, unfortunately looks like everyone besides me wanted to go home too. Everyone is rushing to get a ride on each passing jeepney.

I keep going back and forth from where I initially stayed in a hope to have a seat for me. I think I am standing for an hour and a half. Unconciously talking to myself asking what had happened why people are stranded and not enough jeepneys to send the commutters home. Beside me a teenager boy answered, “Yeah it’s hard to get a ride, I already walked a distant to find a better drop off of jeepneys.”  I guess that all started with that.

We both trying to figure out where will be the best spot for us to wait for an empty jeepney or perhaps a seat for two. We decided to took the bridge to crossed. While crossing the bridge a good conversation was about the tsunami that sriked the Philippines and Indonesia. A few steps after going down the bridge we luckily end up having a jeepney ride.

We had a very good conversation inside the jeepney. We talked about the movie that he and her girlfriend watched earlier, the Bourne Legacy which was filmed in the Philippines and the Expendables 2. He also talked about where he finished his Bachelors degree and what type of job he could end up applying for. Although he was not successful in entering to her mother’s office he will try again to pass the exam. He added he will start a job as a call center agent to gain more experience. He said her mother is an employee in one of the government sector which is DFA.  From Saudi now her mother is station in Macau.

He told stories about the extreme weather in Saudi either extreme cold or extreme warm. We also touched on the topic about the recent flooding that hit the metro lately. He illustrated how they were affected by the flooding and they needed to evacuate to one of their relatives to secure their lives.

I think the close to an hour ride is too little time to hear more of the interesting stories. I need to drop off near my place and need to leave him as his place is like twenty minutes more, then he will take another jeepney for his final destination. I am not sure the reason of meeting this teenage guy but I learned from him and I guess he learned from what I have shared with him. You reminded me how I was during my freshness from graduating after college. How hard to land a job and the feeling of still getting money from your parents.

I wish him all the best in passing the exam and find the better job that he really likes. I bet he really loves culinary. I’m hoping to see you again in one of these days. May be not as we have not exchanged any contact details. We only know by first name and that’s all. I wrote this so the memories will remained though the probability of bumping to each other again is one out of hundreds of millions.

That was a good one. Thanks to my new found friend. This served as a first gift of friendship before the Christmas.

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