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Letting Go… Moving On…

Hello Folks! Sorry for the long awaited come back of not posting from IamComplete blog.

Happy New Year to everyone. Happy 2017 to everyone following my blog.

Well, the title seems not so good introduction for the 2017, but probably explains how I experienced today. Yesterday, 4th of January was the day when I had my very first extraction of my molar tooth (bottom right side). The picture explains more than I do, and for textual information I find this wisdom teeth article depicts my experience.

My second dentist mentioned that it could have been saved if I been pro-active in removing the wisdom tooth which seated in a 150 degree angle to my extracted molar tooth. Tooth decay was the caused why I was on pain during the holiday season.

You may be wondering why I said “second dentist”?

Because I had a second opinion, first dentist said the tooth can be saved by filling it or it some countries they say it as “pasta”. Basically, hearing what I heard makes me happy, I never wanted my tooth to be extracted. I want to keep it for life as much as I can. Things, happened and due to not listening to dentist to remove wisdom tooth.

It felt not right, something still bothers me, so I asked the opinion of a second dentist. He explained it very clearly and precisely to the symptom that I am having. He asked, if it keeps me awake or having hard time sleeping, most of the patients will experience problem sleeping especially at night as the pain usually strikes.

Scientifically, before visiting the dentist, I did an OPG its like having an X-ray but this procedure is directly for getting an image of your teeth structure.

From the OPG film, I can see big spot, I thought it was just a spot that you can clean, but second dentist explain that its a tooth decay, its a whole, so if we fill it in, there is no guarantee that you will not come back. In summary, it will be a waste of money, time and of course you’ll be in pain.

This dentist does not pressure me to decide, he even over me time to think and decide. He is very good dentist. To cut the story short, I stayed on his clinic while two patients finishes then finally decided to have it extracted. Knowing me, I did lot of calls and talk to people around me to check what they did, and yes, I did talk to people around me in the clinic, funny how it is, but if you really want to be sure with your decision, I think you will do lot of research, asking, and listening.

So, its a bye bye molar tooth. It is time to move on and face the New Year with a smile.. And if somebody ask, if I kept the extracted tooth…. hmmm..I guess you can let me know your thoughts 🙂 So its another survey, put your comments.

Happy reading everyone.



Image from http://healthrow.net/impacted-wisdom-teeth/





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