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HapSad – Combination of happiness and sadness (Half sad)

Workplace – the environment where you work is vital to the well being of the employees.

Environment is not only about how elegant the building, how fancy the lift, or how tech the facilities. 

Environment is more than that, it is the people surrounding you, your co-workers, your manager, your colleagues or become friends in the office or very seldom colleagues whom become friends whether in or outside office.

The simple gesture of hi and hello in the morning while waiting for the coffee be brewed by the machine. Then, while taking the first sip, conversation strikes. Takes a minute, then turn to half an hour, until someone crack the joke of going back to the factory – going back to our desk…

Funny how days passed giving someone a nickname, then next month a different nick depending on the stories you told them like if you share something about Ice, the next thing you know you been known or calling you the Iceman!

Being comfortable and being used to these on daily basis, it is so hard to sink in that nothing is permanent in this world, and change is the only constant thing.

It’s a mixed emotion when someone’s close to you have to move, or decided to transfer to other department. It is a combination of sadness and happiness at the same time. Happy for them for their personal growth, but at the same time sad as things will not be the same as before. I called and I coined it as, HapSad (Half Sad)…

Then, again, it is hard to sink in that tomorrow you’ll arrive in the office with new unfamiliar faces. 

All the best mate!

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ATP World Results – January 07, 2017

Round Winner Status Loser Final Score
Semi Finals Andy Murray Defeats Tomas Berdych 6364
Semi Finals Novak Djokovic Defeats Fernando Verdasco 4676763
Quarter-Finals Andy Murray Defeats Nicolas Almagro 76475
Quarter-Finals Novak Djokovic Defeats Radek Stepanek 6363
Quarter-Finals Tomas Berdych Defeats Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 7563
Quarter-Finals Fernando Verdasco Defeats Ivo Karlovic 6275
Round of 16 Andy Murray Defeats Gerald Melzer 76675
Round of 16 Novak Djokovic Defeats Horacio Zeballos 6364
Round of 16 Tomas Berdych Defeats Jiri Vesely 7651661
Round of 16 Fernando Verdasco Defeats David Goffin 61766
Round of 16 Nicolas Almagro Defeats Philipp Kohlschreiber 765766
Round of 16 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Defeats Dustin Brown 6163
Round of 16 Ivo Karlovic Defeats Karen Khachanov 763763
Round of 16 Radek Stepanek Defeats Arthur De Greef 6362
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Florida airport shooting – Esteban Santiago

The 7th of January 2017, an Army veteran who complained that the government was controlling his mind drew a gun from his checked luggage on arrival at the Fort Lauderdale airport and opened fire in the baggage claim area Friday, killing five people and wounding eight, authorities said.

What we know about the Florida airport shooting:

  • Esteban Santiago was born in New Jersey and moved to Puerto Rico when he was 2. He was sent to Iraq in 2010 and spent a year there with the 130th Engineer Battalion, according to Puerto Rico National Guard spokesman Maj. Paul Dahlen. He later joined the Alaska National Guard.

  • Santiago flew into Florida on a flight from Alaska via Minnesota on a Delta flight, officials said. He had declared his handgun in a firearms carrying case, law enforcement sources told CNN.

  • Santiago had purchased two handguns — a 9 mm Glock and a Glock .40-caliber — in the past, according to a law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation. It is unknown whether either of these pistols were used in Friday’s attack.

  • Santiago arrived in Fort Lauderdale after taking off from Anchorage aboard a Delta flight Thursday night, checking only one piece of luggage — his gun

  • At Fort Lauderdale, “after he claimed his bag, he went into the bathroom and loaded the gun and started shooting
  • The attack also exposed another weak point in airport security: While travellers have to take off their shoes, put their carry-on luggage through X-ray machines and pass through metal detectors to reach the gates, many other sections of airports, such as ticket counters and baggage claim areas, are more lightly secured and more vulnerable to attack.
  • Santiago said nothing as he “went up and down the carousels of the baggage claim, shooting through luggage to get at people that were hiding,” according to Lea . The killer went through about three magazines before running out of ammunition, witness said.

  • “He threw the gun down and laid spread-eagle on the ground until the officer came up to him,”

  • The gunman was arrested unharmed, with no shots fired by law enforcement officers, and was being questioned by the FBI, Sheriff Scott Israel said.

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Washington Post Express Had An Epic Fail

On Thursday the 6th of January 2017, the Washington Post Express decided to devote its entire front cover to a story about a women’s rights march taking place the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration as US president.


Yet at first glance, it’s possible to miss the mistake entirely. On the cover all the text is correct, there are no spelling mistakes and the grammar is spot on. But the stuff up is much bigger than that. Can you spot what is it?

It is not about grammar or typo error, but they have used the wrong symbol to represent female, they have used the male symbol instead.

Express Executive Editor Dan Caccavaro and Creative Director Jon Benedict did not immediately return phone calls, but an hour and a half after tweeting the cover, the publication said, “We made a mistake on our cover this morning and we’re very embarrassed. We errnoeously used a male symbol instead of a female symbol.” (It doesn’t seem like a good morning at the Express.)

They then showed how the front page image was supposed to look with the female symbol taking pride of place.



I guess it is not just articles that need proofreading but even the works from a graphic designer. Probably it is about time to add this skill.


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How do I find people

I have few friends asking me if it is possible to find people online? They would like to check if they can find their old friends, old schoolmate or old sweethearts. Somehow in the age of technology finding people is easier than ten years ago.

Now the question is how can i find people or how do i find people?

There are a number of sites in the Internet that can be use as a medium or a tool to help you find people. Let us list down some of these sites to make you start doing the search 🙂

Facebook You can search by Person’s name or email address. School name and class year or otherwise, company name can also be use as the search. Not mentioning by the way it is the largest online social networks. This might be the great first place to start.

Kgbpeople It is a people search engine worldwide, that search different profiles from wide variation such as from Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Linkedln, Blogger, Digg, Foursqure and more. Although I find the site very slow from retreiving the results.

Of course Google, I guess almost all of us gone on searching using Google. Search for the person using their name. Example “Michael Phelps”

Hope you find this useful. Let me know if you have other in mind 🙂

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Journalist outnumber Olympic athletes

Did you know that the number of journalist covering the London 2012 Olympics outnumbered the athletes?

There are more than 23,000 journalists from all over the world are covering close to 11,000 athletes competing in 36 events in the 30th Olympic Games. It means a 2 journalists to 1 athlete 🙂




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Jordyn Wieber defending world champion fails to qualify

U.S. gymnast Jordyn Wieber cries after she failed to qualify for the women’s all-around finals during the Artistic Gymnastics women’s qualification at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

The 17-year-old Wieber was sobbing as she made her way through the mixed zone, so distraught she couldn’t speak to reporters. A quote attributed to her and distributed by the London Games’ internal news agency said: “It is a bit of a disappointment. It has always been a dream of mine to compete in the all-around final of the Olympics.”

Now Team USA will focus on helping Wieber recover emotionally, and quickly. The Americans dominated in qualifying and are favored to win the team gold medal in Tuesday’s team finals.

Like from the buzz world, even heroes have the right to bleed. It is ok Ms. Jordyn Wieber. Smile ahead, we are all humans. Even Michael Phelps have the same situation right now.

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Beijing Olympic 2008 medal count

Beijing Olympic 2008 medal count

I think it will be best for all of us to have a history of who top the list on the previous olympic game which was held in Beijing China. Happy viewing everyone. 🙂

Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
People’s Republic of China (CHN) 51 21 28 100
United States of America (USA) 36 38 36 110
Russian Federation (RUS) 23 21 29 73
Great Britain (GBR) 19 13 15 47
Germany (GER) 16 10 15 41
Australia (AUS) 14 15 17 46
Republic of Korea (KOR) 13 10 8 31
Japan (JPN) 9 6 10 25
Italy (ITA) 8 9 10 27
France (FRA) 7 16 18 41
Ukraine (UKR) 7 5 15 27
Netherlands (NED) 7 5 4 16
Kenya (KEN) 6 4 4 14
Jamaica (JAM) 6 3 2 11
Spain (ESP) 5 10 3 18
Belarus (BLR) 4 5 10 19
Romania (ROU) 4 1 3 8
Ethiopia (ETH) 4 1 2 7
Canada (CAN) 3 9 6 18
Poland (POL) 3 6 1 10
Hungary (HUN) 3 5 2 10
Norway (NOR) 3 5 1 9
Brazil (BRA) 3 4 8 15
Czech Republic (CZE) 3 3 0 6
New Zealand (NZL) 3 2 4 9
Slovakia (SVK) 3 2 1 6
Georgia (GEO) 3 0 3 6
Cuba (CUB) 2 11 11 24
Kazakhstan (KAZ) 2 4 7 13
Denmark (DEN) 2 2 3 7
Mongolia (MGL) 2 2 0 4
Thailand (THA) 2 2 0 4
Switzerland (SUI) 2 1 4 7
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (PRK) 2 1 3 6
Argentina (ARG) 2 0 4 6
Mexico (MEX) 2 0 1 3
Turkey (TUR) 1 4 3 8
Zimbabwe (ZIM) 1 3 0 4
Azerbaijan (AZE) 1 2 4 7
Uzbekistan (UZB) 1 2 3 6
Slovenia (SLO) 1 2 2 5
Bulgaria (BUL) 1 1 3 5
Indonesia (INA) 1 1 3 5
Finland (FIN) 1 1 2 4
Latvia (LAT) 1 1 1 3
Belgium (BEL) 1 1 0 2
Dominican Republic (DOM) 1 1 0 2
Estonia (EST) 1 1 0 2
Portugal (POR) 1 1 0 2
India (IND) 1 0 2 3
Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) 1 0 1 2
Cameroon (CMR) 1 0 0 1
Panama (PAN) 1 0 0 1
Tunisia (TUN) 1 0 0 1
Sweden (SWE) 0 4 1 5
Croatia (CRO) 0 2 3 5
Lithuania (LTU) 0 2 3 5
Greece (GRE) 0 2 2 4
Trinidad and Tobago (TRI) 0 2 0 2
Nigeria (NGR) 0 1 3 4
Austria (AUT) 0 1 2 3
Ireland (IRL) 0 1 2 3
Serbia (SRB) 0 1 2 3
Algeria (ALG) 0 1 1 2
Bahamas (BAH) 0 1 1 2
Colombia (COL) 0 1 1 2
Kyrgyzstan (KGZ) 0 1 1 2
Morocco (MAR) 0 1 1 2
Tajikistan (TJK) 0 1 1 2
Chile (CHI) 0 1 0 1
Ecuador (ECU) 0 1 0 1
Iceland (ISL) 0 1 0 1
Malaysia (MAS) 0 1 0 1
South Africa (RSA) 0 1 0 1
Singapore (SIN) 0 1 0 1
Sudan (SUD) 0 1 0 1
Vietnam (VIE) 0 1 0 1
Armenia (ARM) 0 0 6 6
Taipei (Chinese Taipei) (TPE) 0 0 4 4
Afghanistan (AFG) 0 0 1 1
Egypt (EGY) 0 0 1 1
Israel (ISR) 0 0 1 1
Republic of Moldova (MDA) 0 0 1 1
Mauritius (MRI) 0 0 1 1
Togo (TOG) 0 0 1 1
Venezuela (VEN) 0 0 1 1
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